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** IMPORTANT NOTICE ** All the parents of Classes 3-6 are hereby informed to only buy NCERT books for all classes especially new curriculum text books for Classes 3-6. | This site was last updated on 29.04.2024


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It is the vision of Grace Academy to become a premiere and prefered school that would be a model for all-round Christian education in India


Grace Academy seeks to equip Christian children primarily, & all other children irrespective of caste, class, or creed, to serve God and humankind wholeheartedly by providing quality education based on Christian values.



  • Commitment and devotion to Lord Jesus Christ the Master Teacher.
  • Gracefulness as modeled by the Lord Jesus Christ and described in the Holy Bible.
  • Respect and acceptance of every person as created in God’s image.
  • Education as preparation for service to mankind.
  • Being a community showing appreciation and support
  • Acceptance of critical analysis of self and others without prejudice.
  • Development of cordial and favorable atmosphere for teaching and learning.
  • Integrity and transparency in dealings.
  • Love for the country and appreciation for all that is good and noble in culture.
  • All round excellence.

About The School

Grace Academy is a senior secondary co-educational, day-cum-residential, English medium, unaided, Christian minority school which is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Affiliation no. 3530076. The school began classes on July 10, 1990 with 29 students in grades Nursery to Third, with an expectation to add one class every year up through High School. Having started with rented rooms and tin shed temporary classrooms to accommodate grades Nursery through High School and senior secondary school. The school has Top–notch facilities that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, but not extravagant. It is a campus where the values of the kingdom are integrated into the fabric of the educational plan characterized by learning by peace, by joy and by lasting friendships. It is an academy of grace. The school is sponsored by Grace Educational Society and the board consists of fine mix of professionals, educationists and home makers.


• May 2024 •

6-11 | Inter House Table Tennis

9-16 | Periodic Assessment I

18 | Annual Prize Day

19 May - 3 Jul | Summer Break for Classes III-IX & XI

20-31 | Online Extra Classes for X & XII

23 | Holiday - Budh Purnima
A Word

From The Principal

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our school website and take a quick look at our school. 

Grace Academy started with a humble beginning on July 10. 1990 with classes nursery to three. With the Grace of God, today we have classes from Nursery to XII, each with two sections till class X; with Science, Commerce and Humanities as major subjects for XI & XII.  The campus has top-notch facilities that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, but not extravagant. 

From the beginning  the founders envisioned Grace Academy to be different from other schools, including many Christian based institutions.  We have based our view on the sacred book, the Holy Bible and have seen tremendous amounts of blessing in our school. The Lord Jesus, has been very faithful to us in this journey of 29 years. This is a campus where the teaching of kingdom values are integrated into the very fabric of the holistic education.   It gives an objective standard for our behaviour, lends dignity to our treatment to one another, provides motivation for personal excellence, makes the syllabus exciting as it gives a reference point for all subjects, and then encourages us to apply this viewpoint to the rest of life.Its a campus wherein the learning is by peace, joy, and lasting friendships. It is an academy of “grace”.

We hope and pray that every child of Grace Academy, will pass out as a well-rounded individual and Christ like being. That they will fit into any situation and will be able to contribute to their society, country and above all through their lives, bring honor and glory to God.  As you explore the possibility of your child joining the “Grace Academy Family,” we look forward to your visit.

God Bless You!

– Benjamin Newton

Our School

GRACE – A Different School

Grace Academy is a school that is different from other schools. Its board and administration stress:

  • A high standard of academics in English medium
  • A disciplined and well mannered student body
  • A trained staff with a professional outlook
  • A balanced emphasis on academic, sporting and extra-curricular excellence
  • A view of learners as individually unique and valuable
  • The all-round development of the person
  • Top-notch facilities that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, but not extravagant.

These emphasis characterize some of the top schools of the country. So is Grace Academy still different from these schools? Is there something more? The answer is yes! That something more is a viewpoint, an attitude that is missing in most schools. At Grace Academy we look at everything differently: the student, the teacher, the curriculum or syllabus, the administration, and how all this “education” relates to the wider world beyond the school. The basis of this viewpoint or attitude is the Holy Bible. This sacred book shows us who we are and what our relationship with God is and should be, gives us objective standards for our behaviour, lends dignity to our treatment of one another, provides motivation for personal excellence, makes the syllabus exciting as it gives a reference point for all subjects, and then encourages us to apply this viewpoint to the rest of life. A campus where all these things are woven together into the fabric of a fine educational plan and the campus is characterized by learning, by peace, by joy, by lasting friendships. It is an academy of grace.


Music is integral to Grace Academy and students are encouraged to take up vocal and instrumental forms. In addition to the students’ choir (Dews of Heaven), there is a staff choir as well.


Our School Library is stocked with over 7500 volumes and 996 reference books apart from periodicals magazines. New stocks are added every year to meet the ever-increasing demand for knowledge and facts. The school intends to have separate libraries for primary and high school students in order to cater to their needs. 

The school has started the e-Library, which gives students access to digital books, on and off line.  They also have access to internet for their various projects assigned to them.

Zero Hour Club

Special activities are organized in the Zero period to sharpen the innate skills of the students keeping their interests in mind. Dramatics, music, choreography, craft work to name a few.

Games & Sports

The school has a large athletic field. Games like Football, Cricket, and Volleyball are played on this field. Concrete courts are available for badminton and basketball. Special attention is given to the physical development of the students.

Extracurricular Activities

There are a number of activities planned for students in a year.  Inter House Competitions like quiz, singing, elocution, folk dance, skit are organised for showcasing and honing the talents of the students.


Art, Craft and Science and thematic exhibitions are showcased to display the creative and dexterous bent of the Gracians.

Programs & Celebrations

Many events and celebrations mark the year. These include national festivals, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day and Grace Community Day. Inter-house and inter-school competitions also find enthused participants the year round.

Remedial Teaching

Remedial teaching is offered free of cost to students needing extra guidance to achieve expected competencies and learning outcomes in core academic skills. The outcomes are more far-reaching than just academic achievements.

Subjects Offered

Subject-combinations are in keeping with the CBSE board’s guidelines for classes XI and XII. They are as under:

• English • Physics • Chemistry • Maths • Economics/Sociology

• English • Physics • Chemistry • Biology 

• English • Accountancy • Business Studies • Economics

• English • Political Science • Geography

Additional Subjects:
• Informatics Practice
• Home Science
• Sociology
• Entrepreneurship
• Math